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Malaysia Company Incorporation-types of company

100% Foreign Owned


If you want to start a 100% foreign-owned business, you will need a minimum capital of RMK 500,000 for consultancy and advisory services.

For the import, export, trade and catering businesses, investors need 1 million RM or more. As a Malaysian foreign shareholder, you need a unique and profitable business concept for the Malaysian economy.



Joint Partnership


Partnerships require a minimum capital injection of RM 350,000 and must have an authorized capital of RMK 500,000.


  • Malaysian investors must take the following measures during the establishment process:
  • If you have a business that is one hundred percent of foreign ownership, you must examine the scope of your business with your consultants
  • Give shareholders and corporate directors a name
  • Recommend three company names and search to see if they are available
  • After confirming the selected name, prepare all relevant business documents and the list of shareholders and directors
  • Send Commission registration documents to companies in Malaysia for approval
  • After the documents have been approved, you will receive a registration certificate
  • To include Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, the following requirements must be met;
  • You have at least two directors
  • Minimum two shareholders
  • Decide on the ownership structure - whether it will be a joint venture or one hundred percent of foreign ownership. The decision will affect the paid-up capital.


Once included, the Malaysian company will have a name that ends in Sdn Bhd and means that it is a limited liability company.

After receiving your registration certificate, your company is expected to provide its registration number in all its official messages, business cards and all the documents it sends.

Sri Lanka Company registration

We accept the most necessary service for entrepreneurs who want to start a business. If you do not have time to register, be physically present at the Registration Office (ROC). Cisco will accept the company's structure for very reasonable prices. Instead of spending the most valuable time and effort in Sri Lanka, you can spend it in small amounts.



Private companies

A private company must have at least one and fifty members. It must be at least one manager. A private agency cannot invite public subscriptions for its shares.


Public Company

At least seven members will have to form a public company (no upper limit). It should be at least two directors. Public companies may invite public subscriptions for their shares or debentures and other securities and may be listed on the stock exchanges. They cannot start a business without a business startup certificate.


Offshore companies

An organization registered outside or outside Sri Lanka, can register itself as an offshore company in Sri Lanka to continue a business outside the Sri Lankan coast. If any organization registered outside Sri Lanka is registered as an offshore company, it is considered to be included in Sri Lanka. An offshore company cannot run a business in Sri Lanka.



Sri Lanka can be included as a local subsidiary company for the establishment of foreign companies. The following inclusion must be in compliance with all statutory requirements imposed on a subsidiary domestic institution in Sri Lanka.



A company employed outside Sri Lanka can establish a business by registering a branch office in Sri Lanka with the company's registrar. Application for registration should be done within one month of establishing business in Sri Lanka. Prior to registration, the relevant line ministries generally require approval. A branch's liabilities extend its foreign assets.


License / Representative Office

The organization involved outside Sri Lanka can maintain its presence in Sri Lanka through a representative office and it is similar to a branch office. However, it is prohibited to prohibit any trading or investment activity involved in transactions or transactions. No tax incident arises because it is not allowed to trade. Therefore, the question of permanent establishment is not relevant.


Joint venture companies

A joint venture can be with other Sri Lankan companies or foreign companies. A joint venture business may be incorporated or carried as a built-in business like partnership. In recent years joint ventures have become popular; Especially in export-oriented projects.


BI registration

  • BIO Division 16 • BOI Division 17

Malaysia has to review sales and service tax from September 1

On September 1, 2011, Malaysia will replace the three-year old products and services tax (GST) and resume the Sales and Services Tax (SST).



Earlier this year, the new government, led by Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mahmud, reduced six percent GST, effectively removing it for nationwide consumers.

Suggested SST and Discount

Under the new tax system, the service will be taxed by six percent and the product will be sold between 5 and 10 percent.


According to the proposed structure of SST, the goods made or imported in Malaysia will be charged on the sales tax in the taxable products. Export products from the country will not be subject to sale. In addition, in order to maintain single-level policy under SST, manufacturers will be eligible for the discounted sales tax paid for their raw materials and other materials for production.


Items not to be taxed include living organisms, milk, cream, rice, some vegetables, oil and bread, essential products such as newspapers and sanitary pads and bicycles for motor vehicles, driving vehicles and motorcycles below 250cc.


For services, taxes will be levied on specific scheduled services provided by the taxable person in Malaysian business. Service tax will not be charged on export or imported services. List of specific services include hotel and homeostat operators, restaurants, telecommunications, professional and consulting services, gaming, credit cards, domestic flights, information technology services and electricity.


Private hospitals and domestic flights excluding rural air services will not be taxed under the SSA.



For business with an annual turnover of more than RM500,000, the registration for the proposed SST should be done online through the MySST system, within the 12-month period starting September 1st.

Those who have already registered under the GST system will be automatically registered under the MySST system. Businesses can apply for voluntary registration if they make taxable products and do not meet the annual turnover threshold.

There is no group registration under the new SST regime.


Sales tax revenues are paid


Under SST, registered businesses will have to submit tax returns on a double basis. No refund will be made from the last day of the month after the taxable period. The penalty for delayed return is given below

  • 10 percent of the first 30-day period.
  • 15 percent of the second 30-day period.
  • 15 percent of the third 30-day period


After 90 days, maximum penalty is 40 percent.

For the taxable period from September to October, 2018, the date for payment of the first income of November 30, 018 is 308. Businesses can submit income automatically, post it at the SST Processing Center or electronically through online MySST portal.

Types of company that you can start in Germany

There are several types of business that you can start in Germany. Your responsibility to choose a business entity as you start out of business. On the other hand, the type of business that you plan to manage may also offer the type of entity to use. It all depends on whether you want to run that business in Germany. Here's a list of companies to guide you through;


Single Ownership


Accepting the only proprietary type of entity means that you may want to start from scratch on a small scale. The less complex structure is the only proprietor, it is usually associated with a person who owns and manages the enterprise.

If you wish to work alone, this may be the way to go. The only proprietary tax aspects are particularly attractive because the business income and expenses are included in your personal income tax return.




This is especially useful when you do not want to be the only one involved in ownership, then you can consider taking entity sharing style. If your business is managed and managed by a lot of people, then you can organize your business as a partnership. Partnership comes in two variations: general partnerships and limited partnerships.

In the general partnership, the partners complete the company and shoulder the responsibility for the liability of partnership debt and other responsibilities.


On the other hand, there is a limited partnership both common and limited partners. General partners are responsible for business-owned and active and partnership, limited partners only work as investors. This means they do not take any control over the company and do not associate with the same liability as a general partner.




Such an entity is adopted on a very large scale and taking corporate structure is more complex and costlier than most business structures. A corporation is a distinct legal entity, distinct from its owners, and thus it needs more restrictions and tax requirements.

Company formation in Qatar




Currently, there are four commonly used ways to have a foreign entity in Qatar;


Limited liability company (LLC)


It is the most used legal framework in Qatar and it should have 51% ownership by the partner's partners or partners. Based on the formation, LLC can trade independently in the state of Qatar.


Free Zone


Free Zone company registration process is another way to establish a Qatari company.


Trade Representative Office


This framework is usually referred to as 'shop window', a company can establish itself as a 100% foreign-owned company but cannot operate any commercial operations in Qatar. The purpose is to show the company's products or services.


Branch office


Branch offices can be established only when the company has a contract in Qatar that "facilitates public service or utility facilitation". Do not allow the operation of commercial activities of foreign companies that are not related to this agreement. Foreign companies registered under this category do not require a sponsor or service agent.


For more information on our company structure and local partner services, please refer to the relevant section of the website that refers to the area of ​​your interest or please do not hesitate to email us at contact@sfconsultingbd.com or call us on +601136901890

How Much It Costs to Start A Business in Thailand

There is no magical figure. While it is safe to say that the value of opening the store in Thailand is cheaper than developing country. Please note that the opening fee in Bangkok is a bit higher, especially the price that is higher in big cities than in the rest of the country. But even where you can make the most money because most of the wealth is in Bangkok. Mechanical works and construction are very affordable.


Here's a small example of expense for opening a coffee shop

  • Employee Salaries: Full Time 9,000-10000 THB per Month Employment: 4,500THB per month
  • Rent: cafe 14 SQM 12,000 THB per month
  • Expenses: Goods and inventory 15,000THB per month (ice, cups, sugar, milk, coffee beans, etc.). Of course, this amount changes from month to month.
  • Electricity and water- 800 THB per month in total. The use of water is cheap in Bangkok and the air conditioning that is already provided by my shop, which my electricity bill is ridiculously low.


The expense of starting a coffee shop or any other business in Thailand are comparatively cheap than other country developing country.  This is why most of the foreigner’s desire to open a business in Thailand.


Starting a Legal Corporation


There are various types of corporation in Thailand, you can setup any of them that suits you. The company registration process in Thailand is a bit complicated, therefore it is suggested to register the business under a Thai person.  Here are some important facts about company registration in Thailand

  • Foreigner cannot hold 100% shares except US citizen.
  • Majority of the company share must be hold by Thai partners that is 51%
  • There is no government fee for registering company name, VAT registration and Tax ID registration.

SSM Company Registration Services in Malaysia


Any company established in Malaysia should be registered with the State Commission Symantec Malaysia (SSM) / Malaysia ("CCM") and administered by the Small Business Act of 2016. Our professional advisors will ensure that the process of establishing your new company is fully respected and that it complies with relevant Malaysian laws. Company formation includes-


  • One (1) search for a name
  • Registration fee for RM1000 is paid to SSM (does not exceed RM400,000.00 for share capital)
  • Preparation of the Installation Manual
  • One (1) common seal (optional)
  • Statutory Minutes - Minutes on the book and the statutory register


Company Name Search

We can help the company to apply for SSM name availability. Once the proposed name has been approved, we will continue submitting documents to include the approval association.

  • The proposed name does not correspond to any name for companies registered in SSM;
  • Does the Porsche name correspond to that name previously approved by the Secretary and is reserved for the purposes of the establishment?
  • Whether the name is unexpected or the category by which the minister has instructed the secretary not to accept it for registration.
  • Has the proposed brand name been a trademark, or is it a patent product, and if so, is it obtained from the owner of a written consent?


Company Directors

Under the Law on Malaysian Enterprises of 2016 (the "Law"), "Every company should have at least one director, each of whom has their own principal or residence in Malaysia.


Company Secretaries

Under the Law on Enterprises in Malaysia, the company is obliged to appoint a secretary of a company that is a qualified person under the prescribed institutions.


Registered Office and Statutory Records

The company must have a registered office in Malaysia and that is the address to which the SSM official mail is sent and the registered address may be different from your business address. Constitutional registers should be kept and maintained at the company's headquarters.


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Most Popular Small Business List In Indonesia

Are you looking for some small business ideas in Indonesia? Or want to begin a business in Indonesia that has many opportunities. however, you just see this concept for starting a business. If you think, this article will help you then I recommended you to start reading.

There is some major factor that scares individuals off from beginning their own business-Capital. however, ought to capital very be a constraint? does one recognize that you simply will begin your own business albeit you're broke? Here are some ideas that’s can be your first business in Indonesia. See, Indonesia company registry check



Top 10 Small Business in Indonesia


Here are some Indonesian small business ideas:


Internet Service supplier

Another business plan you'll think about is turning into AN ISP supplier. Reliable and quick net is as necessary for Indonesia because it is in different elements of the planet and considering the number of individuals mistreatment phones and technology gadgets in Indonesia, you'd build tons of cash.


App Developers

App developers square measure raking insensible money of late. you'll be able to become a movable app developer or a package developer. You don’t essentially need to be a school knowledgeable to develop apps, what you wish could be a solid plan and so you'll be able to rent school consultants to develop the thought for you.


Furniture manufactory

A lot of individuals from Europe, America and different continents supply for his or her furnishings from Indonesia. you'll begin a furnishing creating manufactory that you'd export to different countries purchasable. you'll be able to additionally begin a furniture reworking business that involves obtaining broken or recent furniture and reworking them purchasable.


Business Finder

You can additionally build cash from linking consumers and sellers along. for example, tons of individuals need to supply for things from Indonesia however as a result of they need ne'er been there, they won’t recognize wherever to search out what. you'll be able to help such individuals realize things simply mistreatment the web, and earn finders commission for your services.


Travel adviser

Another business plan is to supply support to in numerous variations of individuals UN agency wants to go to the Republic of Indonesia for business or pleasure. you will become a tour guide; providing help to tourists otherwise you can begin an internet practice firm that you'll additionally use to supply visa help, field pick-up and drop-off, building booking, business guide and a bunch of different services.


Business adviser

Another plan is to become a business adviser. There square measure, countless individuals, out there some agency might use some business recommendation and steerage. it'd interest you to understand that a lot of individuals consider business consultants to develop business methods for them, that they might use to propel their business to succeeding level. the nice factor regarding being a business adviser is that it’s a remarkable business and whereas developing solutions and techniques for different people’s businesses, you'd even be developing a lot of skills that might be helpful for you. See how to register a company in Indonesia


Tax adviser

Tax is one factor that offers tons of business owner’s headache. tons of individuals don’t mind outsourcing their tax computation tasks to consultants UN agency wouldn't solely handle it for them however additionally recommendation them on ways that to scale back their taxes. you'll be able to begin one in all such businesses while not an excessive amount of capital.


Dress creating

Another business plan is to begin a dress creating a business. you'll begin an article of clothing line or simply build native Indonesian dresses like Kaftans that you'll be able to sell to individuals from different elements of the planet.



A lot of expatriates, guests and business tourists visit Indonesian frequently. This leaves enough space for people that need to speculate within the touristy business to create cash. You can build cash from beginning your own building to produce accommodation to guests or begin an internet building promoting service wherever individuals can book for hotels previous their visit to Indonesia.


Beef processing and Packaging

Another business concept would positively fly is to begin your own meat process and packaging business. you'll be able to begin Bos taurus rearing so much and so package and method meat from the yield of your far.


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